Premier League Relegation Odds – Who’s The Bookies Favourite?

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The Premier League 2020/2021 season kicks off soon, and we can’t keep calm. Football fanatics like us couldn’t imagine that the Premier League could come to a halt. But, this hasn’t been a normal year for everyone and everything. So, having the new season around the corner gives us goosebumps. The league is the most competitive and bookies have already rolled out odds for their relegation bet market.

The Bottom Three

Every team dreads being in the bottom three, and in the last season Norwich, Bournemouth and Watford were the unlucky teams. The Premier League goes on getting more and more competitive, and stereotypes such as attaining more than 40 points to avoid relegation have been turned to dust. In the 2020/2021 season, several bookies have speculated how the season might end up and if you feel like placing an early bet know that the odds are ready.

Top bookies such as Bet365, William Hill, 888Sport, and Betway have ranked West Brom as the team most likely to be relegated followed by Fulham and Aston Villa. The odds aren’t based on biased evaluations but rather critical aspects of a team’s performance.

By using the betting calculator tool, below is an implied probability by bookmakers’ odds.

  • West Brom – 50%
  • Fulham – 48%
  • Aston Villa – 36%
  • Crystal Palace – 33%

Why West Brom Tops The List

West Brom popularly known as the Baggies seem not to have earned much confidence from most bookies. Perhaps it’s because of their track record—they have been relegated four out of twelve seasons in the Premier League. Even though they finished second in their previous Championship League, Bet365 estimates an odd of 1/1(2.0) for their relegation.

Another reason hinted by bookies for their low confidence is also how the Baggies haven’t managed to bag quality players for this upcoming season. Their latest signings include Grady Diangana, Matheus Pereira, and Cedric Kipre who are said to lack experience in the Premier League. But, as we said earlier, the Premier League is full of surprises, and Slaven Bilic can pull off a surprise for West Brom just like Sheffield United did last season.

Is Fulham Ready For The Premier League?

For Fulham, this isn’t their first rodeo in the Premier League. The 2018/2019 season wasn’t generous to them and had them relegated. According to bookies, the Cottagers still seem to lack the potential to change their fate, and Bet365 gives them an odd of 11/10(2.10). Hoping that in the 2020/2021 season they won’t shuffle coaches as they did the last time they were in the Premier League.

For this season, Scott Parker, the team’s manager, is off to a good start. By signing, striker Aleksandar Mitrovic, Fulham seeks to place balls in the opponent’s nets but let’s hope that even more balls won’t be getting into their net.

Will Luck Knock On The Same Door Twice?

In the previous season, Aston Villa escaped relegation by a whisker—1 point saved them. Let’s wait and see whether luck will knock on their door twice or will they bankroll one player with a relegation odd of 7/4(2.75) from Bet365. Their new signing seems promising and might save the team from relegation.

The list goes on and on, but we picked these teams from several bookies as the top three most likely teams to be relegated. The odds are already in place, but they do change with time so if you want to place your bet feel free to do so. Don’t forget the Premier League is full of surprises. And just as Leicester City won the 2015/2016 season, you never know what might happen in the Premier League.