F1 Betting -Learn Every Type of Betting To More Fun

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If you’ve ever forayed into the world of sports betting you’ll know that there are always endless ways to bet. Bookies are never content with just offering you the option of betting on who will win an event. They are, forever thinking up different ways of betting on the same event.

Different Ways To Bet

Formula 1 is no different, so in this short read, we explain the ways you can bet. After this read, at the very least you’ll know some ways to bet that are more fun, and you can possibly use the tips to capitalise and make money on your bets. To be clear, we are not making predictions.

But we explain the different types of bets you can place. It might be that there’s a race which is too evenly matched for you to call a winner. In which case, you can use your F1 knowledge to place a different kind of bet, and have a bit more fun along the way. So let’s get started!

To-win bets

There’s not much simpler than a to-win bet. It’s easy as peas. Place a bet on a driver to win. The good thing about to-win bets is you can still make good money and you’ll likely get a better than evens bet despite putting your money on the lead driver. That’s because there are so many drivers in the race, and there are always plenty of outcomes.

And because there are plenty of options for punters to bet on, bookies can afford to give you better than evens on the lead driver. 

Podium Finish

The next kind of bet you can place is the podium finish bet, which is at is sounds. You can place a bet that the driver you pick at least has a podium finish. Meaning that you’ll still get money if your driver comes in first, second, or third. The payouts for this bet are not as high, but it’s a safer bet. It’s maybe a little more fun and you cover your stake a little more.

Driver Matchups

Bookies are always thinking up new ways to bet and this is a fun one to try. It is as it sounds; you pick two different drivers, say Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz. If you bet that Hamilton comes ahead of Sainz, and he does – you win.

Prop Bets, Pole Position & Futures Bet

You can also place bets on proposed events such as how many cautions might happen in the race or how many laps a driver will lead. They can be fun but are a bit risky and require knowledge of the sport. You can also bet on who will qualify for pole position or which team, driver, or constructor, will win the Championship.

You now have all the details you need to place any type of bet you can think of. It will allow you to place safe or riskier bets and place bets that are fun. If you want to make money on sports betting and have the most fun, then pick your favourite sport that you have oodles of knowledge in. Best of luck and have fun.

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