Can Nadal Make It 13? Don’t Bet It Against It

Tennis Player holding tennis balls.

As CoVID struck, the world of tennis was rocked, just like the rest of the world of the sport. The first up in the Tennis calendar was the French Open which announced that the tournament would be postponed. Rafa may have wondered if at the age of 34, he would be able to defend his coveted Roland Garros crown. Then Wimbledon announced a complete cancellation.

Prince of Clay becomes the King

But then Nadal must have breathed a sigh of relief as Roland Garros decided to push back the tournament to late September. Nadal would get the chance to make it 13. The domination of the French Open by the supreme King of the Clay began when the fresh faced 19-year-old won the championship in 2005. This was his first Grand Slam win. Fifteen years later, Nadal has surpassed what seems already beyond impossible.

In terms of records, Serena Williams has won the most singles Grand Slams in tennis far overshadowing Federer with 23 to his 20. But Nadal is hot on Federer’s heels as he sits out the 2020 season after knee surgery at the age of 39.

Nadal’s Controversial Decision Not To Defend US Open Title

Nadal decided that travelling to COVID hit America was too much of a risk and missed out defending his US crown. Let’s face it Nadal could have travelled there. Murray did and so did Djokovic. Nadal could have risked it. He wouldn’t have been slumming his travel arrangements on Easy Jet. Which makes you think that Nadal wants the 2020 French Crown so much he was prepared to not defend his crown and make it a possible US and French double. As it is Nadal will be fresh and ready for Roland Garros 2020. If he takes the French again, it will be 20 apiece for both him and Federer. And with Federer having to regain his fitness at the age of 39, it’s reasonable to put forward the realistic view that Federer may have to call it a day at the amazing number of 20.

Breaking Records

Nadal is now 34 and Djokovic is 33. What more can they do? Can Nadal make it more than 20, if he clinches number 20 on the Phillipe Chatrier court? Djokovic is on 17 Grand Slam tournaments after squandering an unbelievable opportunity at the US Open. With Murray coming back from injury,  and Nadal and Federer not playing, it was wide open for Djokovic to take the US 2020 crown.

That was before he put a woman in hospital with an unintended ball that hit her in the face and brought her to the ground. Nadal’s record on the Chatrier court is spine-tingling. At 12 wins, it leaves arguably – the greatest women’s player of all time Navratilova, the only player close with 9 titles at Wimbledon – in the shadows.

Supreme Domination

Nadal has simply dominated the clay surface. While it seems just unbelievable that it can be done, you’d be a fool to bet against Nadal on clay. He’s not an out-and-out oldie returning for a stab at the title, he’s a close ranked number 2 in the world to Djokovic – and this is clay.

Make Some Easy Money

Place bets on Djokovic & Nadal to win big if you want to make some easy money. Place bets on each round, rather than the whole tournament. You won’t make much on each round, but you can steadily increase your stake as these two make their way on their own half of the draw to an expected final. If you bet on both, the chances are you will win overall. Even if the unthinkable were to happen like Djokovic’s suspension from the US Open, you will still be hedging your bet and making money by the other safe bet, Nadal. The chance of one of them dropping out before the semis is small, but the chances of both of them falling before the semis are highly unlikely. Best of luck!

Tennis fans – who sorely missed Wimbledon and considered the US to be somewhat of a flop with none of the top 4 making it through or playing into the second week – will be tuned it closely to see if the undisputed and utterly amazing king of clay can keep going, making it 13 French and 20 Grand Slams!