Betway Huge Fine For Negligence


Betway has had their fair share of negative headlines and news. When Betway began in 2006 they were bombarded with complaints. Things hadn’t got much better by 2013 when the highly respected Sportsbook scored them a D- and blacklisted them. Complaints ensued from customers that could not withdraw their cash and their bonuses.


Betway changed their management and customer service twice over a period of five years and by 2018, Betway managed a B- from the same review team. I don’t know about you, but a B- is better than a D but it’s not an A. Either way, it’s still an improvement and it seemed that things were looking up for Betway. Fast forward to 2020 and Betway has been fined by the Gambling Commission. And this was no small penalty. The fine broke records at £11.6 million. Along with the fine came a scathing review from the Gambling Commission.

A Failure To Protect Gambling Addicts

The Gambling Commission cited various things they had found. One customer deposited £8 million and lost £4 million. Another lost £187,000 in a few days after Betway failed to carry out checks that they are required to do. In addition to allowing customers to lose large sums, the commission found that Betway had allowed suspected stolen money to flow through their systems. Online gambling is becoming a public health issue as many are falling victim to the pull of gambling. Campaigners working to help addicts have called for Betway’s license to be suspended, effectively putting them out of business.

Little Regard For Customer’s Welfare

It’s very sad that a company would engage in activities like this. It’s no different to a pub landlord continuing to serve an alcoholic that desperately needed help. As long as customers have money to spend it seems that Betway had “little regard for the welfare of customers,” said Richard Watson who is the executive director of the Gambling Commission. Adam Bradford, director of the Safer Gambling group has called Betway’s behaviour entirely unacceptable and their systemic failures mean that they should not be allowed to operate.

The Fine A Drop In The Ocean

The fact is that they have not had their license suspended; they have just been heavily fined. It’s up to Betway to choose if they actually do better, bearing in mind they are likely to face further scrutiny. But Mr. Bradford rightly said that while the fines sound like a lot, but they are in fact a drop in the ocean for gaming giants like Betway. Betway will keep on raking in huge profits and the fine and some bad publicity may mean little to Betway. If you feel strongly about this issue, and you are a Betway customer or thinking about setting up an account with Betway then you can bet elsewhere. Betway is only likely to learn if they see reduced profits from customers wanting to spend their money with a company that operates on a more ethical basis.

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