Betting Possibilities in 2020 Other Than Sports

In the UK – sports betting is a tradition. Before online gaming casinos became all the rage, betting was super popular with the working classes. Perhaps with money being a source of strife among many people, working-class men would spend weekends at the bookies, wagering on horses and dogs to win a sum of money that might make life a little easier.


Bookies will give you odds on just about anything. If there is an event that is taking place in the future with a number of outcomes, bookies will do their best to calculate odds and give you the option of betting. So aside from betting being expanded to virtually any sport, you can think of, if something is about to happen, bookies will gladly take your money for your prediction. While gambling is synonymous with sports, casinos and slots, you can get involved in having a flutter, whoever you are and whatever you like!

Things you can gamble on besides casinos and sports include:

  • esports (video game sports)
  • Popular contests on TV such as BGT
  • Royal Betting such as baby names
  • Political betting including UK and US

What Do You Like?

The fun thing about betting on things other than sports is you can bring some insider knowledge to something you love. Perhaps, you love Ice skating and are an avid fan of Dancing On Ice. Who could forget the magnificent Ray Quinn, the absolute king of Dancing On Ice? Betting on Ray would have netted you a tidy sum, despite him being the odds-on favourite to sweep the board with tens. But anyone can fall on ice, so there was always the chance he might fall and lose the contest despite being a different caliber of skater.

What’s Still Going Ahead In 2020?

For those, that fancied a flutter on ANYTHING though, 2020 has been a challenging year. BGT was postponed mid-production and airing. So for those that were betting, you will have been waiting a long time for your bet. The good news is that BGT will be back in September, with the live final on October 10th.

In terms of royal news and betting, there are no royal babies being born this year, so once again no baby names to bet on. Maybe there will be more babies in 2021? But in terms of political betting, there are bets to be placed.

Bets On Biden?

Despite Trumps’ desperate attempt to postpone the US election, even his allies adamantly said that the election will take place in November. It’s maybe the political event of the century, with many in America and the rest of the world deeply concerned about the US democracy, the constitution, COVID, and division and hatred sweeping across the nation because of the impeached president’s actions. Despite all these concerns, betting odds for Trump are still quite high. He currently has odds of 11/10 meaning a $5 stake will net you $10.50, while Biden is running at 11/13 which will net you $9.23 for a $5 stake. Both are reasonable odds, so if you follow politics, then you may want to bet as well. Best of luck!

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